Electronic Force Professionals (EFP) is Family Force Ventures, LLC (FFE)'s answer to all of your electronic and networking needs. With the combined experience of over 50+ years with our professionals we are able to solve all of your electronic problems.

Family Force Staffing

Family Force Staffing (FFS) operates with a desire to know the needs of your company. We have established a culture giving the best service for our clients. Our mission is to do business with integrity. FFS prides itself in treating every individual with respect and dignity.

Family Force Property

Family Force Property (FFP) We understand that your life can be very busy. As a landlord you should have the freedom to not stress about your property. Having to deal with the day to day issues that renting your property entails can be overwhelming. Keep your property well managed and enjoy a peace of mind. That peace of mind can allow you to focus on other endeavors. These are some of the benefits of being a house owner with FFP's Management and Assistance.